Two Hospitals, Two GM60As, & Incredible Imaging

Though the Samsung GM60As in the radiology rooms of the Wesley Long and Women’s Hospitals can’t be 100% responsible for Cone Health regional health system’s seventh-place finish in recently-released quality of care rankings of more than 3,000 national hospitals by CareChex, you wouldn’t know it after talking to the radiological technologists who use these amazing pieces of equipment every day.

Robin Jones, an RT at Cone Health Wesley Long, reported that she regularly waits to use the GM60A, especially when taking X-rays of spines, because it produces images that are so much clearer than those produced by the non-Samsung imaging machine in the hospital.

“The imaging detail on this is absolutely incredible,” said Jones. “It does so well and you see so much – there’s truly no comparison.”

Lynn Fowler, an RT who works just across the street from Jones, at Cone Health Women’s Hospital, echoed her colleague’s sentiment completely. “The images are absolutely gorgeous,” she said. “Our central line placements are beautiful, we don’t have to work on the contrast at all, and our radiologists can see more on a chest x-ray than ever before.”

But the GM60A’s benefits aren’t limited to Cone Health’s RTs and radiologists; the machines also produce a better experience for the hospitals’ patients – from the smallest to the largest.

Fowler explains that NICU babies, who have ET tubes and are X-rayed daily, receive at least half as much radiation exposure than they did in the days before the GM60A because with it there’s never a need to take second or third images. “It’s a tremendous help for these babies who are really sick and are getting so many more images than average,” said Fowler.

Fewer images make adult patients, who of course want to get in and out of the hospital as quickly as possible, happy as well. Fowler says that while she used to always have to manipulate and retake images of larger patients, she never needs to now – the GM60A produces an image showing the lung, heart shadow, and pic-line placement on just one setting.

What’s more, she and her fellow RTs can move from room to room more quickly thanks to the GM60A’s exceptional mobility.

These enthusiastic RTs’ only complaint about the GM60A?

That they don’t have more of them!


Contact your local Samsung representative today to learn more about the GM60A, the just-released GM85, or any of Samsung’s other exceptional medical imaging equipment.


By Steve Adams

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