For Technologists

Samsung delivers

Higher Throughput

Streamlined Workflow

Far fewer steps, pre-programmed exam positions, automatic synchronization, and more

User-Friendly Interface

Smart sensors, clever easy touch design — great for techs and patients alike

The Freedom of a Fully Wireless System

  • Simple operation, immediate data transfer
  • Long battery life (160 images during 4 hours)
  • Lightweight wireless detector
  • Use multiple detectors
  • LED indicates active S-Detector
Freedom of a Fully Wireless System

Effortless motion, soft-handling

Reduces operation effort by 80%

  • The tubes can be moved with just two fingers or with the remote control
Effortless Motion, Soft Handling

Easy operation, auto-positioning

Just one click and ready to go

  • Moves automatically according to 500 pre-programmed exam positions
  • Can set the most frequently used position with the remote
Easy operation, Auto-Positioning

Hassle-free auto-tracking

You don’t need to repeat the iterated workflows:

  • The movement of tube and detector is synchronized automatically
Hassle-Free Auto-Tracking

Smart auto-stitching

Smart-stitching means higher accuracy

  • Scoliosis measurement can be easily performed
  • Good leg alignment images are produced without compromising quality
  • Optimized window settings let the user see the whole body
  • Advanced rotation type stitching technique provides more accuracy
Smart Auto-Stitching

Intuitive convenience

Experience easy touch interface

  • Ensure correct positioning with the Positioning Help guide on the wide touchscreen
  • Multiple images are easy to shoot after checking the preview in 3 seconds
Intuitive Convenience

No worries about collision

No more bump with smart sensors

  • Can detect the movement of patients and users to avoid collision with six sensors
No Worries About Collisions