Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Chooses Samsung GM60A to Meet its Radiology Department Needs




Shady Grove Adventist Hospital’s Radiology Department in Rockville, Maryland installed a Samsung GM60A Digital Portable with a Collapsible Tower which included a 14×17” and 10×12” GR40 Digital Panel.



Samsung Partner:

X-ray Visions, Linda Kahler sales, Greg Noll, applications trainer

We would like to congratulate Shady Grove Adventist for purchasing their first Samsung unit. Their Radiology Department purchased a Samsung GM60A Digital Portable with a Collapsible Tower which included a 14 x 17” and 10 x 12” GR40 Digital Panel. The department received the unit June 1st and started applications training that same day by our Applications Trainer, Greg Noll.


Key Features for Customer

The customer is extremely happy with the GM60. Some of the key features the techs love include the collapsible tower, amazing image quality, light weight of the detector, user friendly interface, ease of driving, and the fast image load time.

“I love the collapsible tower. It allows you to see where you are going. And the portable is so easy drive. It is like it was designed by techs.” – Maria Diaz, X-Ray Technician

Selection Process

Samsung was put to the test. Managers and techs at Shady Grove Adventist wanted to make sure they chose the best unit for their needs. Samsung GM60 Digital Portable was demoed against Digital Portables from four other major manufacturers. Five technicians and one radiologist were part of the demo process, with each person scoring every unit. The manufacturers were scored based on several factors:

  • Mobility – ease of driving the unit
  • Flexibility – ability to work in tight spaces
  • Image Quality
  • User Interface
  • Storage Space on Unit
  • Image Load Time


Scores from each person were totaled and the manufacturer with the highest score, Samsung, won by a very wide margin. A few additional deciding factors that caused Shady Grove Adventist to choose Samsung was the Cost of Ownership and the free BioMed Service Training. One thing that was mentioned over and over again by the techs and managers was the amazing image quality the Samsung provides.

“We wanted to give all the manufacturers a fair chance at the sale. After all the scores from the techs and radiologist, Samsung came out on top. The image quality was superior to the other manufacturers.” – Allyson Morris, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging and Quality Improvement

The GMA60A in Action

“I was lucky enough to witness the GM60A Portable and 10×12 GR40 Panel in action. Just before we took the group photo, one of the x-ray techs, Nancy Dee, got an order for a Chest and Abdomen x-ray at the Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit (NICU). Nancy and our Applications Trainer, Greg Noll, immediately took the GM60 upstairs to the NICU. Nancy and Greg were able to quickly position the GM60, slide the 10×12 panel under the baby, and take the image (no re-shoots). It took Nancy less than 4 minutes to set up, take the image, and head out to the hallway where the doctor was waiting. The doctor looked at the image on the monitor of the GM60, extremely pleased, said “Perfect” and rushed back to the baby to continue her diagnosis. It was amazing to watch how fast the GM60 was operated, giving the doctor the ability to quickly continue working on her patient with very little wait time. The GM60A is such a powerful and easy to use portable DR system.” – Patrick Hixson, X-Ray Vissions

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