Cone Health’s Alamance Regional Medical Center Thrilled with GC85A

GC85AHaving already received the 2016 Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence – a recognition of exceptional clinical performance given to just five percent of more than 4,500 hospitals nationwide – in April, North Carolina’s Cone Health Hospitals recently took a step towards improving the quality of care at three of its hospitals even further by outfitting their radiology rooms with Samsung GC85A products.

At Alamance Regional Medical Center, the radiological technologists couldn’t be happier with the GC85A that they now use – and even wait in line to use – every day.

Rebecca Lenord, an RT at Alamance, shouted the praises of a product that makes her job far easier than it used to be.

“You’re able to control the room from so many different places,” said Lenord. “You can control it from the wall-bucky, you can control it from the U-arm, and you can control it from the remote control. So that’s a lot easier than having to always control the room from the tube head. If you’re not able to be at the tube head, for example if you’re holding a patient, you can just press something on the wall-bucky and everything will move around.”

alamance-1In addition to offering enhanced functionality, Lenord noted that the GC85A is a true patient pleaser.
“Kids love the robotics and it makes it so much easier for me to x-ray them,” added Lenord. “I give them the little remote and let them push the button, so everything moves and they’re amazed, they’re not scared of it, and I never have a problem x-raying kids any more.”

And the images?

According to Lenord, whose personal favorites are those of lateral thoracic spines – which, she happily noted, don’t even require a breathing technique – they’re to die for.

“The image quality has been spot on,” said Lenord. “Our radiologists love it because they’re able to see a lot more detail that they weren’t able to see before.”

alamance_1Stephanie Haynes, another RT at Alamance, echoed this sentiment, saying: “The quality is something I’ve never seen before. On these machines you can see hair, so I actually have to move it out of the way for cervicial spines. Just imagine all the other details that we’re getting!”

Not wanting to miss out on her chance to weigh in, Sharee Eanes also focused her praise on the GC85A’s image quality – and especially what it means for radiologists.

“The image quality is phenomenal,” said Eanes. “We get excellent pictures for the radiologists to read. It’s so detailed that if a person swallowed a quarter, you can actually tell that it’s a quarter. It is very, very detailed, so our radiologists are very happy. And whatever makes them happy makes us happy.”

Thanks to all of these factors and in perhaps the greatest possible testament to the quality of the GC85A, all three women have labeled the room that contains it Alamance’s “go-to room.”


Listen to these RTs’ own words in this video:


By Steve Adams

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