For Radiologists

Samsung delivers

Diagnostic Confidence

Excellent Image Quality

Meet the new S-VueTM imaging engine

Lower dose with high resolution

Manage and reduce radiation dose

Enhanced image sharpness, integrity and clarity with S-VueTM

  • Although thickness of bone varies, S-VueTM effectively separates thick and thin parts.
  • Even in the presence of an implant, the region of interest (ROI) is displayed without artifacts.
  • Overlapping areas and contours are displayed more sharply and clearly.

Excellent dynamic range with S-VueTM

  • In bone and soft tissue can be displayed in detail on a single page.
  • Patients’ organs, such as lung, spine and inguinal region, with different characteristics, can be displayed in detail.

Meeting the demand for dose reduction

  • Samsung lets you systematically manage and reduce the radiation dose

The Solution is S-Detector

  • S-Detector leading to lower NED provides both reduced dose and excellent images.
  • Routines are safer for users and patient care is improved.
Meeting the need for dose reduction

Dose Area Product (DAP)

  • Provides patient-level dose estimates and recommended exposure
  • Stores relevant information on PACS, which enables cumulative patient dose tracking

Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

  • Reduces excessive radiation exposure of the patient
Dose Area Product and Automatic Exposure Control

Radiation dose optimization only for the necessary area

  • The 4-axis individual blade control function reduces radiation dose.
  • Reduced dose is especially useful for pediatric chest examination.
Radiation dose optimization only for the necessary area