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Beyond Experience, an integrated solution engineered to offer medical professionals a new and outstanding experience in diagnosis, delivers enriched views, advanced intelligence, and streamlined workflow. All of this combines to enable patient-centered care.



Product Description


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan detects the presence of solid masses in tissues and converts any stiffness into color images.


A directional Power Doppler imaging technology, can help to detect even the peripheral blood vessels. It enables accurate diagnosis when blood flow examination is especially difficult.





The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. ClearVision provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.




S-Harmonic using pulse inversion technology improves image clarity, near to far. By reducing signal noise, S-Harmonic™ provides more uniformultrasound images.



Increased Consistency

Thanks to its specially designed solutions, including an extensive range of quantification functions, the HS50 creates consistency to ensure accurate measurement.



Strain+ is a quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LVviews and a Bull's Eye are displayed in a quad screen for easy and quick assessment of the LV-function.

Strain Plus HS50



E-Strain is designed to enable quick and easy calculation of the strain ratio between two regions of interest for day-to-day practice.


HS50_GI E-Strain


A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan detects the presence of a solid mass in tissues and converts the stiffness into color images. It verifies the presence of lesions, reducing the burden of further cervical palpation.

HS50_GI ElastoScan



The StressEcho package includes wall motion scoring and reporting. It includes exercise StressEcho, pharmacologic StressEcho, diastolic StressEcho and user-programmable StressEcho.


HS50 GI StressEcho

Enhanced Efficiency

The HS50 has been designed to enhance efficiency through reducing keystrokes, enabling you to streamline your workflow by combining multiple actions into one. Its user-oriented design also enables you to focus on your patient, reducing the complexity and stress of operating the system.

HS50_GI Product Diagram
HS50_GI Product Screen Diagram

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