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Mobile Retrofit Digital Radiography


Product Description

Enhanced 3-step Workflow

GMR40 allows users to simplify their daily routines. With GMR40, workflow is three times faster than with CR system. By reducing workflow steps, it reduces cost and time while increases productivity.

Thin and lightweight S-Detector

A lightweight wireless detector gives users the freedom to position the unit quickly and easily so a greater number of patients can be served.

Intuitive User Interface

A workstation with intuitive icons and buttons facilitates virtually effortless operation.

Fast Preview

Preview and full images can be displayed in less than 3 seconds and 10 seconds,*respectively. Previewed images can be repeated or retrieved as full images.

* Image acquisition time may vary according to the image processing parameters and detectors.

Improved Diagnostic Capability with Samsung S-Detector

Newly developed S-Detector displays the patient's anatomical structure clearly with high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE). The efficiency of radiation and spatial resolution are improved compared to previous indirect type detectors, reducing radiation needed to ensure high image quality.

Quality Images

High-quality images with S-Vue

S-Vue imaging engine delivers high-resolution images through advanced processing and adaptive filtering and provides enhanced image contrast and sharpness.

S-Vue provides:

Improved Image Sharpness & Clarity

Thick and thin parts are clearly distinguished so that overlapping areas and contours are more sharply displayed. Ensured image reliability Even in the presence of an implant, regions of interest

Ensured Image Reliability

Even in the presence of an implant, regions of interest are displayed clearly and without artifacts. In the areas where bones overlap, each bone stands out clearly.

Great Depth & Range of Image

Highly clarified contrast of the regions of interest provides a clear and detailed display of bones and soft tissues in a single image. Images of patients’ organs with different characteristics, such as lung, spine and inguinal region images, can be displayed in detail on a single page.

Results may vary depending on individual use.

Improve efficiency with continuous operation

Strategic investment with S-Share*

S-Detector (S4335-W) is compatible with Samsung DR systems.


Continuous Operation

When a detector is discharged, the retrofit system can be used with detectors from other compatible Samsung DR equipment. This capability enables patient care to continue without interruption.

Enhanced Utilization

S-Share can dramatically increase efficiency through the use of S-Detectors with various existing compatible equipment. S-Detectors can be used in the morning for daily ward rounds. During peak exam periods the detectors can be used to increase productivity in exam rooms. System operators can also use S-Detectors to support emergency rooms and intensive care units.

Maximum Output From Minimal Expenditure

S-Share reduces expenses by properly configuring the number and sizes of detectors to be purchased to address key clinical needs and deliver maximized output with lower expenditure.


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