Northwick Park Hospital Uses Samsung GC80 to Examine and Diagnose 60 Patients per Day

Samsung Digital X-Ray for Northwick Park Hospital

Enhance work efficiency, improve accuracy and reduce operating costs through an innovative Digital Radiology solution

The Client

Northwick Park Hospital is a major acute hospital with busy accident and emergency services in Harrow, northwest London, with 476 beds. It featured the world’s first CT body scanner installation, and uses Samsung GC80 to examine and diagnose 60 patients per day. Because of the challenging and busy environment, efficient patient workflows is a priority on the Clinical Director’s Agenda.

The Challenge

Northwick Park Hospital is constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency and accuracy. There are a number of contributing factors to the length of time it takes to process each patient. Between appointments administrators were hand writing guidance notes for the X-ray technicians, in order that the technician could assess the patient’s requirements and set up the X-ray accordingly. Previous equipment took time for the images to be processed and appear on the screen for analysis and machines were large and difficult to position.

Accuracy of the images is of primary interest to the X-Ray technicians. Correctly identifying the exact nature of the patients’ injuries ensures patient satisfaction and increases the efficiency of the workflow, a top priority for Hospital Directors.

GC80 Solution

Key benefits

  • Premium image quality with high speed image processing
  • Full automation with a remote control system for high productivity
  • Smart and effective design with Soft-Handling for user convenience


Key features

  • Smart Dynamic Range(SDR) and Smart Contrast Enhancement(SCE) for high-resolution images
  • Highly sensitive wireless S-detector with high detective quantum efficiency
  • Enhanced dose management using Auto Exposure Control(AEC)
  • Smart Stitching for full-body imaging
  • Soft Handling for reduced operating effort
  • Auto positioning for multiple exam positions

Increased diagnostic confidence, productivity and ease of use

The results


“The Samsung Digital X-ray allows us to double our productivity because of the speed of the images coming up on the screen.” – Rohan Samuel, Radiology Assistant Practitioner

Increased diagnostic confidence

  • High quality images allow for accurate diagnoses resulting in high confidence.
  • New Detector provides both efficiency and low dose management.


Enhanced productivity

  • Advanced technology with a complete wireless system improves workflow.


Promoted ease of use

  • An intuitive User-Interface can be learned quickly and used within several minutes.
  • An easy-to-move Wireless Detector with soft- handling can be moved to any area with little effort, using only one hand

“The patients are made to feel comfortable when in this room. The positioning of the machine is very easy because we don’t have to pull it into position. We are able to get through a lot more X-rays and the waiting times are drastically reduced.”

“With other machines moving the tube can be quite heavy. With the Samsung soft touch it allows us to move the tubes with just two fingers or with the remote control. So it is a lot easier on the radiographer.”
– Rohan Samuel, Radiology Assistant Practitioner

Northwick Park Hospital

Northwick Park Hospital 2

“I believe Samsung has approached this market with a very simple concept, they have looked at what the clinicians, users and patients are looking for; image quality, ease of use and an ability to process patients efficiently.”
– David Billett, MIS

Enhanced operations, management and growth through supportive services (24/7, 365 days per year)

  • Remote Management System. This system enables continuous monitoring of system errors, along with auto-diagnosis of the system and software version.
  • Call Center. The customer support center operates 24/7, 365 days per year to quickly respond to clients’ problems.

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