NEW GC70 Offers Flexible Customization to Meet Diverse Needs

MID is excited to announce that its suite of radiography products now includes the Samsung GC70 Digital Radiography System.

Cleared by the FDA last month, the GC70 is designed to meet the specific clinical needs and environments of diverse medical facilities through flexible customization.

The system’s optional features include:

  • SimGrid technology that increases image quality by enhancing contrast while reducing the visual effects of scatter radiation with one click.
  • S-Guideimaging that enables technologists to see the patient displayed on screen via camera view in order to simplify the stitching settings. Manual settings for stitching range are replaced with simple clicks on the screen.
  • SmartStitching that provides convenient diagnosis when viewing a stitched image of a whole spine or long bone. In addition, this feature increases comfort for patients standing for a long period of consecutive shootings.
  • Bone Suppression Imaging (BSI) that improves the clarity of lung tissue by suppressing the appearance of the ribs and mediastinum in chest images, improving the ability to detect nodules.

Furthermore, the GC70’s lightweight wireless S-Detectors come in multiple sizes, supporting use with patients of different ages and body habitus, and its tailored configurations enable healthcare providers to use the system across a wide variety of service lines including dedicated chest rooms, outpatient clinics, and orthopedic practices.

Of course, the GC70’s innovative standard features should not be forgotten.

The S-Vue imaging engine’s cutting-edge digital enhancements, headlined by adaptive image filtering, generates the high-resolution images that result in fewer retakes and more accurate diagnosis, while S-Align, a unique and highly-practical feature, produces the same benefits by supporting proper radiographic alignment when imaging gurney or wheel chair patients. Finally, a four-axis, individual blade control function – particularly useful for pediatric chest examinations – reduces unnecessary radiation dose by enabling more precise collimation.

Simply put, however you customize it the GC70 delivers what radiological technologists, radiologists, and patients need.

Visit the GC70 product page or contact your local MID rep today to learn more.

Samsung Neurologica and Steve Adams

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