Mobile X Ray Houston

Mobile X Ray Houston

Mobile X-Ray In Houston Hospitals And Its Importance

Across the healthcare sector, mobile x-ray in Houston has become increasingly popular. It demands has picked more than ever. One of the biggest factors driving this growth is the quest for better imaging in the sickest of patients. With a projected market of $13.3 billion by 2018 and 5.4% annual growth rate, this technology will grow. Today, you can get quality images of those in intensive care units with ease.

What is mobile x-ray?

Mobile x-ray is a technology where x-ray equipment is moved from a place to another. The purpose for this technology is to help you in offering better health care services to patients. Today, there are many mobile x-ray units scattered across various hospitals in Houston. The truth is; you can move a mobile x-ray unit to the bedside of a patient and even into the theater. Although this technology offers tremendous opportunities, grids have become its major challenge.

Preparation checks for mobile x-ray units

    Make sure you to check and verify the level of the battery Thereafter, you must verify if the motor that starts its driving ability is in a normal working condition. After this, you should inspect the brake system. This is important so you can prevent accident and injuries to yourself and patients. Once this is done, look for the ancillary extension. Once found, confirm if it is in a good working condition. Thereafter, inspect the tube placement. You should do this before and after using the mobile x-ray units.

To ensure your safety and that of your patients, you must do these preparatory checks. More so, these are necessary checks for your mobile x-ray in Houston.

Importance of mobile x-ray

1) Speed and accuracy

The mobile x-ray in Houston has shown huge importance in the speed and accuracy of results. As a doctor, you can see images taken with these machines in not less than 10 seconds. This has helped them in attending to more cases with precise speed and accuracy. In fact, patients are no longer delayed in receiving the right treatments.

2) Ease of reading results

In the past, results were developed in a dark room using cassettes. But it is all in the past with the emergence of mobile x-ray in Houston. Today, you do not have to wait for results to be developed in a darkroom before you can read it. The truth is; with this technology, you have digital results that you can read with ease. This makes your job much easier and efficient that it was in the past. In fact, you no longer have to run between a patient room and darkroom due to bad results.

3) Timesaving

Mobile x-ray in Houston is important because it saves time and resources. With this technology, you no longer have to spend time developing results. You get instant results of well developed and digitalized images. In fact, most mobile x-ray units can display images within the first 3 seconds after imaging of a patient.


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