MID Makes Further Investment in Ultrasound

Already offering five ultrasound systems to meet the needs of every type of sonographer, ultrasound technologist, and patient, MID is taking significant steps to ensure that it offers the most knowledgeable sales representatives and engineers to explain their features, demonstrate their operation, and add to the 572 ultrasound installs to date.

At X-Ray Visions’ recent Quarterly Sales Meeting, for example, Steve Mast, MID’s Ultrasound Manager, and John Fitzpatrick, MID’s National Ultrasound Channel Manager, discussed Samsung’s most groundbreaking innovations in ultrasound technology and welcomed two new ultrasound-focused members to the X-Ray and MID team: Mike Wetter, Direct Ultrasound Sales Representative, and Judi Green, Ultrasound Applications Specialist.

X-Ray Visions has even retrofitted a special demo van (pictured below) so that its employees can better demonstrate the power of Samsung ultrasound systems to hospitals and private practices throughout the Central Atlantic.

But MID’s ultrasound growth is far from limited to the East Coast. Recent additions to the West Coast team include multiple ultrasound sales representatives to serve the growing Los Angeles and Sacramento markets, and MID partners between the coasts are adding new members to their ultrasound teams as well.

The conclusion?

Wherever you are and whatever your needs, MID is here to meet them.

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