DR Product Profile: Ceiling-Mounted GC85A

From microwaves to motorcycles, machines are built to meet different needs and deliver different benefits. Some are built for speed, some are built for utility, and some are built with nothing but their ease of use in mind.

Most products, including those within the medical device category, focus on one of these qualities to the exclusion of others.

But Samsung believes that there’s no room for compromise when it comes to healthcare technology – that’s why the Samsung Digital X-ray GC85A is different.

Like every product within Samsung’s line of diverse digital radiography and ultrasound products, the GC85A delivers the Excellent Images, Superior Speed, and Easy & Efficient Operation that combine to provide the best possible experience for those on both ends of the X-ray equation.

Though there are too many too list them all, the GC85A’s exceptional features include:

  • S-Detector, S-Vue, and S-Align imaging technologies that boost diagnostic confidence due to their consistent clarity, precision, and ease of use.
  • Fast Smart Stitching that eliminates the need for patients to stand for long periods of consecutive shooting.
  • Auto Exposure Control (AEC) and Dose Area Product (DAP) that minimize patients’ radiation exposure.
  • Remote-control one-touch movements, a motorized, tilting receptor, and Auto Tracking that reduce workflow steps and physical effort.

Watch the GC85A in action, listen to radiology directors and technicians sing its praises, and get more information from your local GC85A expert today!


By Steve Adams

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