GC85 and Robotics

Transforming Patient Care and Workflow

Today, we see robotic technology being used to work on production lines, assembling electrical components, spraying paint, applying coatings and much more. Digital Radiography is using robotics too.

One benefit of robotics in digital radiography is improving workflow for technicians while reducing repetitive stress injuries, all while managing to examine more patients, faster.

Historically in legacy x-ray systems, a typical chest x-ray would require a technician to manually position the ceiling suspension to face the wall stand, adjust for patient height, and align tube head to the wall stand. This process with robotic technology has made it as simple as hitting a single button, and aligning to the patient height…the robotic movements would move the ceiling suspension into position and make sure that the x-ray beam was automatically centered.

Incorporating robotics into the digital radiography process results in increased productivity and more focused patient care.

GC85: Combining Patient Care and Productivity

Samsung’s GC85 along with our Samsung systems offer many benefits that align with robotic technology – increasing the technician’s productivity and enabling them to focus more on patient care.

  • Precisely position the entire system with just one touch of the smart control panel’s buttons, moving a motorized, tilting receptor with a remote control.
  • Position the Tube Head Unit (THU) with only a small amount of physical pressure, preventing the technician from becoming fatigued from pulling the unit.
  • Reduce alignment errors that occur with portable grids and reduce the retake rate with the SimGrid feature.
  • Precise alignment at multiple angles with S-Align. When the THU and detector are within a certain radius, the angle can be automatically fitted.
  • Save time and reduce workflow steps by eliminating repetitive checking of the Tube’s center, detector and fit with the Auto Tracking feature.

Experience a new level of efficiency with a Samsung digital radiography system designed for streamlined operation and increased patient care.

Watch the video on the Samsung GC85 and a video on a high throughput case study.
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