Crystal Vue Flow: Taking Ultrasound Technology into a New Dimension

As anyone who’s performed, undergone, or witnessed an ultrasound knows, achieving optimal visualization is critical to a healthy pregnancy – it allows radiologists to see any and all potential developmental issues and, just as importantly, allows an expectant mother to see more of her baby than ever before.

Samsung’s Crystal Vue Flow makes this possible, taking ultrasound imaging technology into a new dimension.

Specifically, it introduces unparalleled visualization of:

  • Fetal spine.
  • Circle of willis.
  • Umbilical cord.
  • Fetal circulation.
  • Highly vascular solid area within ovary.
  • RPOC with enhanced myometrial vascularity.

To learn more about Samsung’s ultrasound imaging and see what it can do, visit the Ultrasound Product Page and watch the video below.

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